Hong Kong Weiqin Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1988. The company has been committed to introducing and developing the most advanced varieties from overseas to enter the Chinese market, serving the vast number of distributors and growers in my country.

The company's main vegetable seeds include: spinach, cabbage, radish, broccoli, cauliflower, coriander, tomato, bitter gourd and so on. Inquiries and comments are welcome.

Product Description:

  • PARKnSHOP No. 1 Spinach F.1:

    Strong adaptability, medium growth rate, straight-pulling plant shape, pointed round leaves, resistance to downy mildew 1-10, 15, 16 physiological races, can be used for spring and autumn planting and summer planting in cool and cool areas.

  • Crown Black Leaf Spinach F.1:

    Medium-early maturing, heat-resistant, high resistance to 16 physiological races against downy mildew, round leaves, dark green color, suitable for spring, summer and over-summer cultivation.

  • Spring and Autumn Period Spinach F.1:

    Cold-resistant, flat leaves, easy to tie, petioles are not easy to break, good disease resistance, suitable for spring, autumn and winter cultivation in most areas.

  • Diga 9 Carrot F.1:

    The growth period is 105-110 days, the root length is 20-23 cm, cylindrical, and the three-red rate is high. After washing, it has good commercial properties and is suitable for summer and autumn cultivation.

  • Emerald Cabbage F.1:

    Three-line breeding medium-early maturing varieties, the plant development degree is 60 cm, spherical, bright green in color, 1.2-1.6KG per head, compact and crack-resistant, and harvested about 55 days after planting.

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