What you need to know about houseplants?

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Plants: Foliage and flowering plants that grow happily in pots that you can easily carry.

Height: Variable, but should not exceed ceiling height.

Leaves: Evergreen.

Climate: The temperature range that people are comfortable with.

Soil: A good quality potting mix suitable for the plant type; free-draining.

Location: Good ambient light; avoid drafts and direct sunlight on the glass.

Blossom: Some houseplants are grown for leaves, others for flowers, such as cyclamen, African violets.

Fertilization: Apply controlled-release fertilizer every six months; supplement with water-soluble or liquid fertilizers.

Watering: Know what each plant needs and don't overwater; let excess drain freely; empty dish after 30 minutes.

Humidity: Atomize plants to increase humidity, especially in fully air-conditioned/heated spaces; place bowls of water in the middle of pots.

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